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[social media]

Social media is more than just having a Facebook fan page. Itís utilizing these new tools to engage with the customer in a never before possible manner by doing the stuff you already know and combining it with stuff you could only dream of

For instance, think about taking a standard Facebook page that everyone has and adding a custom application run on it to hold a contest for the best before and after pictures from your fan base and encouraging others to "like" your page and enter the contest. Now THAT's a little more interactive, right? THAT's a way of pulling more people into your sales funnel. B

[is social media all about facebook?]

Oh, heck no! Social media encompasses any website where folks are talking to one another.  It's all about the social aspect of marketing. Think Twitter, Yelp, Flickr, LinkedIn... websites where the content is user-generated.  It even sneaks a little into other areas such as mobile marketing (tips about a dining establishment on Foursquare) and Google & Yahoo map listings (user review).

[it's all too overwhelming? where do i start]

The best (and most effective!) way to start a social media campaign is by asking the question "What message do I have to share with my audience?" What Page One Rankings does is start with the answer to that question and then find the social tools which will most effectively relay that message to an audience who would be open to hear it.


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