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[Google Adwords Administration]

PPC Pay Per Click marketing campaign managementGetting immediate results on Google is possible by signing up for their sponsored (a.k.a. pay-per-click, or PPC) search feature called AdWords. Your ads will appear in a matter of hours rather than the days or months it takes to see organic listings appear. However, even their PPC listings at the very top and right side of the page are given a quality score based on how relevant to a search they are, and are therefore sorted according to that quality score before being displayed.

It is for this reason that your PPC ads also need to be optimized. The ad campaigns need to be built correctly and the ads themselves need to be written well in order to receive a high quality score. The littlest of changes can have a huge effect on your results. One client noticed a drastic increase in targeted traffic when several words were put in quotations.

[yahoo and msn sponsored search administration]

The same immediate results are available on Yahoo! and MSN, although they don't reach nearly the number of users that Google does.  However, there are times when these search engines can and should be used for PPC campaigns.  Page One Rankings can help determine when these should be considered and can administrate these campaigns as well.

[how page one rankings can help]

It's not all about pleasing the search engines; it's about drawing in targeted traffic through effective copywriting. When you answer a search engine users needs, you in turn earn a better ranking with Google. Page One Rankings can help you with the initialization and management of your Google AdWords from structuring ad campaigns to the writing captivating ads. Some of the options Page One Rankings provides include:

  • Researching keywords to determine what phrases your potential
    customer would search on
  • Tracking CTR (click-through-rate) to determine what percentage
    of searchers who see your ad actually click on it
  • Testing various ads to learn what approach best entices your audience
  • Determining the appropriate landing page for each ad
  • Geo-targeting your ads to make sure you're hitting the right customer in
    the right geographic location at the right time of year, month, week or day
  • Creating, implementing and tracking image ads
  • Dynamic keyword insertion for more successful CTR's
  • Reporting the success of your advertising campaign

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