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Michigan Internet marketer, Lauren SorensenI use the term "about us" rather loosely because there is no "us" with Page One Rankings. I make no attempts to hide the fact that this is a one-person Michigan internet marketing agency.

That's not to say that I don't have a network of carefully hand-selected contractors, both local and international, with whom I work on individual components of a marketing campaign.  I DO! But I personally oversee all aspects of each project to assure they meet my expectations.

The good news in all this is that you’ll have one local contact person who will serve as your sales representative, designer, optimizer, and technical support person. The bad news is that you won’t get to write-off a huge marketing expense come tax time, because all you’ve had to pay is one person rather than a company trying to support a whole host of employees, overhead and expenses.

But rest assured, you are in extremely capable hands. With roughly 88 combined years in the cross-channel marketing industry, you can be sure we’ve got a handle on the current trends in the ever-changing world of digital and integrated marketing.

~Lauren Sorensen


Megan Roth of Explainers.com says
"We're extremely pleased with Page One's approach to web marketing. Lauren Sorenson's assessments
are critical and sensible given the business pressures we have and the numerous ways we can spend our limited marketing dollars. Page One helps us to stretch our dollars for results."




Art Cummings of Moon Dog Productions
"Lauren brings a bounty of well researched information to the table. Her energy level is of the charts. She strives for and delivers 110% on any task she is given. Laurens dedication to giving her clients more than their money's worth is one of the reason why I will continue to call upon her talents, as well as recommend her to all my past and future client. After working with her, I can truly say, that I would feel more than comfortable handing her the keys to my business, and trust her knowledge and experience to guide anyone smart enough to listen to a prosperous future. "


Marie Wilke-Dolber of Mallard Pond Photography
"When you encounter such talent in a relatively small mid-western city, it blows your mind. Page One Rankings offers the same quality of work as do the big cities, but delivers it with a level of personal attention they could never offer. She has helped me launch a website redesign that included a lot of search engine optimization. In fact, as a result of her expert SEO knowledge, I no longer need a Yellow Page listing. I'm getting all my leads from her internet marketing. I would highly recommend that any company looking to increase their business call Lauren of Page One Rankings. You'll without a doubt be impressed!‎"


Levi Smith of Levi F Smith Realty
I have worked with Lauren Sorenson for 2 years. Business results from my website leads have exceeded my expectations. Costs are minute compared to bottom line results. Lauren is hard working and responsive. She keeps up with new developments in the fast changing world of the internet. I highly recommend page one rankings. I even referred my wife to Lauren for her divorce mediation practice.


Sue Jeska of St. Mary Catholic Church
Thank you so much for all your many efforts on the St. Mary website and for your patience with us! (me!) You are certainly very talented and do a great job. I'm going to miss our online time and chats. Your positive way and outlook was always so nice to hear... Try to get more sleep over there - your notes were always in the middle of the night. :o) Thanks again - you're a gem!

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