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Keep yourself in front of your customers and prospects by sending them periodic email messages.  But anyone can send out an email. What does Page One Rankings do?  We take Email Marketing to the extreme by segmenting your email list and targeting each segment with a different message to encourage them into the next step of the sales funnel.

Interested buyers are sent messages about further benefits of buying from you.  Past customers are invited back.  You get the idea.

[but what if i don't have a list of email addresses?]

No problem. Page One Rankings can help you by adding features to your website which encourage visitors to sign up for your email campaign. We know just where in the page to place it to yield the best response from your website visitors.

[but i'm already using mail chimp / vertical response / constant contact]

Fantastic! We can easily integrate with your current service and work off your current email subscriber list. The particular vendor you chose is not nearly as important as how strategically you deliver your message. That's where we become invaluable.

[so, what's so special about your email campaigns?]

Most email campaigns simply link to a businesses home page. This is usually NOT the best idea. What Page One Rankings will do for you is create custom pages in your website designed to further move the folks who received your email into the sales funnel. If, for instance, your email highlights a new case study, it would then link to a page in your website where they could see further details or other case studies and request a consultation.


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