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Get found online with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services It used to be enough just to have a website.  Now, however, with so many competitors online, it becomes critical to call attention to your website and position yourself in the path of the the potential buyer who is researching companies just like yours. 

93% of B2B buyers use search to begin the buying process
Source: Marketo

So, with a majority of buyers beginning their buying cycle on the search engines, wouldn't you like your website to appear on the first page? Of course, you would!  And the process of making that happen is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Following are the SEO steps Page One Rankings follows in making sure your business website appears on the first page for relevant searches.
  • keyword research

    Keywords are descriptive, highly targeted phrases about your product or service that someone would type into a search engine in order to find you. There are quite a few tools and tricks to selecting the all-important two to three keywords around which to optimize your site's pages. This is the most important step to getting your website placing well on search engines and each page of your website has the potential for unique keywords.

  • before and after search engine optimization report

    See what a difference working with Page One Rankings makes for your website.

  • competition analysis

    In order to top your competition, you’ll need to know where they’re ranking and how they got there.

  • keyword rich copywriting

    The words on your website serve two purposes: Telling the viewer what you can provide them and optimizing your keywords for the search engines. Text must be chosen carefully to fulfill both purposes.

  • code alteration

    The back end of your website, the part the search engine sees, will be organized for the best presentation possible for the search engines. Meta tags will be optimized as well as cleaning up unnecessary code.

  • site map generation

    Search engines want to know about all of your pages. A site map is a document they can read that lists for them all the pages of your website. After all, if they can’t find your pages, they can’t rank them well on their results page.

  • ethical methods

    There are tons of “tricks” to get yourself listed on the first page of search engines. These are typically referred to as "black hat" techniques. However, once the search engine recognizes that you’ve cheated them in order to get prime rankings, they’ll likely ban your site from their results page. It’s nearly impossible to get re-indexed with a search engine once you’ve been banned. Thus, it’s critical to avoid search engine optimization techniques that try to trick search engines. Page One Rankings uses only ethical methods (termed “white hat” practices) to get your website to appear in the first page.

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