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[is mobile marketing really worth investing in?]

Well, consider the following facts...

Fact: There are nearly 4 times as many cell phones in the U.S. as there are personal computers. So, your mobile marketing has a broader reach

Fact: Surpassing placing phone calls, texting has become the standard mode of communication on the cell phone. So, texts are being read by cell phone users.

Fact: Text message marketing has 6 times the ROI of email marketing and is usually read within 15 minutes after reaching a cell phone. So, your message has a better chance of being read than email and therefore has a better ROI.

The only conclusion to make from these facts is that to ignore such an effective and unsaturated marketing vehicle is a major mistake.

[don't people just find texts annoying?]

Federal laws strictly protect cell phone users from being spammed.  When you get permission to market to a mobile phone, which is mandatory in order to text them with marketing messages, you are in essence pre-qualifying your audience. So, with mobile marketing, you can be sure that your recipients truly want to hear your messages. That's a pretty nice thing to have in a marketing segment, right?

[ok, so how do i use it?]

Like any other type of marketing, Mobile Marketing is best suited for a certain kind of message - usually those involving geography and urgency. It's a great vehicle for further developing brand loyalty.

Say for example a brick and mortar business accidentally ordered twice the anticipated stock of a particular product. Here's a great way to deplete the stock and convert it into cash quickly: Send out a text message to a list of mobile subscribers (who already like the company) letting them know that there is a great deal on this product for the first 50 folks to show the cashier this text message.

The message is read within 15 minutes and those who are in the area swing in to get their great deal.  One thing Groupon has taught us that folks will buy things they aren't usually in the market for if it's offered at a great discount.

Here's some more ideas for mobile marketing:

  • Advertising open seats in upcoming training class
  • Remind subscribers of an open house
  • Fill a restaurants empty seats during a
    slow day by offering 2 for 1 deals
  • Raise funds for a good cause (remember Haiti?)

[what else can mobile marketing do?]

For companies who want to take their mobile marketing to the next level, there are QR codes, mobile aps, customizing ads based on an image the user takes with their phone... the possibilities go on and on.  Mobile marketing is a newly developing field with endless possibilities.  



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