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[what in the world is
cross channel marketing
and why do i need it?]

Ooh, good question!  Well, long ago, advertising agencies made their clients oodles of money by putting ads on television and in print.  The world was a simpler place, there were fewer advertisements in the marketplace, so that was all that was needed. 

Well, marketing sure has come a long way since then, baby!  There now exists a myriad of marketing channels (or means of getting your message across to your intended audience) including

  • mobile marketing
  • email marketing
  • direct mail
  • websites
  • social media
  • video blogging
  • etc. 

It can become overwhelming trying to get one consistent brand or corporate image portrayed over all of these channels, let alone getting a singular marketing message across. 

What Page One Rankings does is take that one marketing message (say something like, "We're offering a new product line you've got to try out!") and simultaneously deliver it to your ideal customer demographics through their mobile phone, their inbox, their Facebook account, their mailbox and through placing you in their paths while they search for a company like yours.



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